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Banky W – Lagos Party Remix (feat. Naeto C, D’banj, Muna, eLDee, 9ice)

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Get this track from Banky W titled Lagos Party Remix (feat. Naeto C, D’banj, Muna, eLDee, 9ice).

Olubankole Wellington (born 27 March 1981), popularly known by his stage name Banky W and credited in film as Banky Wellington, is a Nigerian singer.

Use the link below to stream and download Lagos Party Remix (feat. Naeto C, D’banj, Muna, eLDee, 9ice) by Banky W.

Lyrics for Lagos Party Remix (feat. Naeto C, D’banj, Muna, eLDee, 9ice) by Banky W

when the??? in the system ain’t no telling
if you keep on talking i’m on keep on listening
flyer than a bellview higher than a Lear dude
riding on that ass too and sweating out the hairdo
you should see that rear view high definition
and i like those dimensions so am coming to your rescue
ahh ahh alright shey my part of wessy
its the WFA and the EMEzzzzY
omo take it easy, its too much effizy
if its Lagos they don’t do it like we do believe me
they don’t sell this type of swagga in shoprite were concise
its all night bluetooth we onsite
I hit the city of bright lights with white Nikes
hooking up with girls who pretending to be the right type
it aint a party unless i come through
the rest played right you know i’ll cum too

E ya go lono mi, dbanj de come come come
When i pull up in my bentley and i pom pom pom
bring the bottles bring the hmm make we pour pour pour
coz you know the lagos party o di don don don
a city called gidi dats how play, we wilding out in major way
there is no goodbye no “se go bey’, strictly faji everyday
anywhere am at there belvedere, drinks on me am over here
raise your glasses in the air, people people everywhere
every other day you find me koko lounging
Mr endowed got the whole world dancing
they watching our tables and our bottles they be counting
popping champagne and we spray it like a fountain
if a party was a cake you know i’m the icing
and you know the party dont stop until i sing
ain’t no party like an eko party
coz an eko party dont stop

ok a party aint a party till am up in that party
rocking Roberto Cavalli sipping champagne and barcardi
…body of a goddess, mind of a hustler
and people just they vex cos i party like a rockstar
i no dey vex cos na my money
and i know you think its funny but i dont give a rats ass
you know am high class i got cash
to throw a bash every other day of the month
cos suckers wanna front front all they want
so i pour some punch. punch in my cup
put in the air, like i dont care
and someone tell the mutha- i aint going no where

You can catch me on the late night creeping,
victoria island, VIP status im just big boy styling,
im all about my business,
yeah i got my suit on, fly models every where,
girl get your cute on,
like a corrupt lawyer imma buy out the bar,
and they dont bring bills cos they know who we are,
we be lau lau spending, boys wanna blend in
cash never ending, most be pretending

Mo se faaji ara mi, oti yapa lori tabli mi,
Omo repete loti losi mi
i have no fear, life is too sudden
Every second every minute people are dying
let me use my time right, as am in the lime light
i gotta take wine, drink champagne and feel high

eko akeke omo enu o se, emi ko ni a se apejuwe be o se a jaiye
anyhow we be make we celebrate
no matter how bad Lagos na the place
lets pop champagne lets jubilate
lets conjugate lets appreciate

back again its Mr number one Mr capable, Mr. never run
Mr i dont give a damn were you haters come from
cos i been doing this stuff for so long
its Mr too much money lapo. for your body
Mr W, king of the Lagos party
eko no dey sleep men you know how we play
when i give her my strong thing
she scream yei yaga yei yei

Aint no party like a Lagos party
cos when Lagos parties
we don’t bother nobody
we just throw our hand up
drinks in the cup
Lagos stand up
and we don’t give an ehhhh 

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